about Joe Hawley


A founding member of the band Tally Hall,

Joe Hawley graduated from the University of Michigan with honors in 2005. He studied screenwriting and had planned to enter the film/TV zone when his music video for “Banana Man,” a project for Jennifer Hardacker’s Video Art II class, went viral via Albino Blacksheep et alia in the pre-YouTube era, garnering millions of views, thus, among other factors, including Andrew Horowitz’s $10k BMI John Lennon Scholarship for “Good Day,” thrusting the band and him into the music industry.

Since Tally Hall went on hiatus in 2011, Joey has established two new music projects: ミラクルミュージカル and a self-promotional hip-hop/hop-hip type thing devoid of compunction.

In 2013, Joseph attended graduate school at the University of Miami in Florida for a semester but postponed his degree to work with Arie Gad in the interest of a transportation company called AmericanElectric®; among Superfly and other inventions, this company will one day build a teleportation device with reference to and reverence for quantum physics.

Today, Mr. Hawley lives in the Detroit area. A car collision has rendered him relatively inert for Summer 2019.

He enjoys hammock camping, plant/fungi-based foraging, inner & outer space, sports, transportation, the internet, swimming, etc.

He chronicles nightmares & dreams when they are memorable.